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Founder, Teacher

Julio Ponce

In the vibrant streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, there's a linguistic virtuoso named Julio Ponce. 

Julio's journey kicked off at 19, teaching English as just another job. But guess what? It blossomed into a profound passion, leading him to direct his own school: Language Athlete. 


He covers Spanish, English, and communication, focusing on the beauty behind language. With Julio, you'll be joyfully challenged, learning with hearty laughter.


Beyond teaching, Julio dances, bikes, travels, and loves the MCU. He's superpower is "Banter till you Learn." Language's beauty is the name of his game. 

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Carlos Andrés

Carlos Andrés, our Colombian culture and history aficionado, hails from the vibrant streets of Bogotá and currently calls the same city home. Why does he teach? Because teaching Spanish is his forte, and his students are empowered to steer their learning journey.


Beyond teaching, Carlos delves into Iberian American history, art, architecture, and languages. He even crafts music with soundscapes and has a quirky habit of venting in Dutch, Danish, or Norwegian when frustration strikes.


Carlos superpower is 'The Explaininator,' diving deep into subjects with a nerdy twist! 

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Educational Content Developer

Karen Fierro

Say hello to Karen Fierro! She's a hometown hero, proudly from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and she's all about living life right where she's meant to be.


Karen, our very own "Material Magician," works her magic behind the scenes, conjuring up captivating study materials to turn learning into an exciting adventure.


Off the clock, she's a bookworm through and through, cherishing every page. Plus, she's a flag football aficionado and a qualified physical therapist specializing in rehabilitation. Quite the Renaissance woman!



Laura Delgado Rojas

Now introducing Laura - your Colombian Spanish aficionado on a mission! She stumbled her way into the teaching world while working in school administration, and now she's your language guru. 


Laura's class has a vibe of a laid-back café chat but with a side of language fitness. Full of local charm and plenty of smiles, Laura will ease you into the challenge of learning a new language and keep it fun. Her secret? Teaching with heart, tailoring lessons, and creating a stress-free zone. 


Beyond class, she salsa dances, indulges in cinematic adventures, and enjoys coffee dates with her friends. If you want to keep your learning journey on point, Laura's your teacher of choice. 

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Rubén Adrián Solís

Meet Rubén Solís, a Colima native now residing in Guanajuato. He wears two hats, one as a high school Spanish teacher and another as a Language Athlete Spanish coach.


When he's not strumming his guitar or sketching his day away, he's aiming for precision in target shooting, angling for the catch of the day, or embarking on epic gaming adventures. He's even got a strategic side, finding joy in a game of chess.


Rubén is not just a teacher; he's a passionate knowledge-sharer who believes in the power of teaching from the heart, not just the textbook.

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